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Can Pink Be Darker than Dark?

Angela Umbridge, the offspring of the centaur Bane and Dolores Umbridge, ex-Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, has prepared and published a new Ministry-approved list of spells, hexes and curses for Defence of Dark Arts lessons in Hogwarts. It was developed within a special EWU (European Wizard Union) program called Turn Dark into Pink.

We can disclose some of them to our readers:



Feministic rebellio

Goblins' lives matters

Clinton presidentio

Greenpeacio imitatio

Global warming bullshitio

Putin nightmario

Turkey (Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Nepal) European wizard unio

Marijuana legalio

TransatlanticTradePartnership nonconspiracio

This prominent work has been Gold-awarded by an independent foundation which is being supported by such sponsors as Gringotts Sachs, Umbridgewater, MalfoyStanley and Koch Bros.

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